Vintage hairstyles have come and go over the years. The hairstyles we label as “vintage” are the ones which were made popular by celebrities and movie stars. Some notable retro hairstyle ideas are the beehive shaped hairdo of Amy Winehouse and the golden curly locks of Marilyn Monroe. Amy Winehouse was a more recent celebrity, but she passed away at the young age of 27. As soon as this happened, it made her beehive hairdo into an instant classic that began to get copied by her fans around the world. With Marilyn Monroe, her iconic beauty originated from her blonde curly hair. Over the last 60 years, millions of women have tried to copy Monroe’s hairstyle because it makes them feel as beautiful as she was. This is the power that vintage hairstyles have on people.

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vintage hairstyles (3)vintage hairstyles (4)If you look at the hairstyles from each decade of the 20th century, they were all unique in their own way. It seems that people in the 21st century don’t really have unique hairstyles anymore. If you look at modern day celebrities, they are just copying classic hairstyles like the victory rolls of the 1940s and the finger waves of the 1930s. To laypeople, they expect to see celebrities with unique hairstyles like this. What they don’t realize is that they are not unique. They are actually vintage hairstyles that were worn by women many decades ago. They weren’t just worn by the celebrities in those days though. Most laywomen who went out in public would wear them as well. But now, these vintage hairstyles are something you would get done before you attend parties or gatherings.

vintage hairstyles (5) vintage hairstyles (6) vintage hairstyles (7) vintage hairstyles (8)If you want to impress your friends or businesspeople at a social get together, then consider getting a vintage hairstyle made up for the big night. But these hairstyles are not just for women though. There are plenty of vintage haircuts for men, like pompadours, that look great on young men who are trying to make a good impression on others. This is the same hairstyle donned by Johnny Cash and James Dean. If you want to go for a more traditional vintage look, nothing beats the parted pompadour with pomade on it. Either that or you can just part your hair with a comb and use a modern day gel to hold the hair together while giving it the classic pompadour look.

vintage hairstyles (9) vintage hairstyles (10) vintage hairstyles (11) vintage hairstyles (12)If you are not good at styling your own hair, just go to your local hairstylist with a picture of the vintage hairstyle that you want and they should be able to do it for you. Try to grow your hair out long first because many vintage hairstyles require medium to long hair before they get styled.

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